Swiss Made Omega Speedmaster MK40 Super Clone Watches For Sale

We begin the article with a modern classic from the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster line-up. Cue the vibrant and spritely Speedmaster MK40.

The MK40 is an interesting deviation from the standard luxury super clone Omega Speedmaster collection. It comes in a smaller case (at 39mm, versus the typical 42mm for the Omega Speedmaster Professional replica for sale), an automatic movement, as well as a triple date complication. What we particularly like is this functionality, as well as the use of different colours for the watch to differentiate between the various functions or indicators. The latter certainly adds quite a bit of excitement to an otherwise serious copy watch.

While the automatic variants of the 1:1 super clone Omega Speedmasters are typically less popular, we can definitely see the appeal of it – especially at its price point in the used market (albeit prices have gone up by quite a fair bit over the last couple of years). The fact that it has a triple calendar complication, on top of a chronograph function, makes the Omega MK40 replica for men a rather complicated timepiece. If one is looking for a model classic, the MK40 is surely worth a strong consideration.

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