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Best Quality Omega Speedmaster ’57 Super Clone Watches For Sale in blue

I said this list would consist of more affordable picks, but let me make one exception for something a little more high-end. It’s another vintage-inspired chronograph, actually, but one from perfect replica Omega that is so beautifully made that I could not resist it. And I tried resisting it. Being schooled by vintage Speedy dealers, I was indoctrinated with a dislike for Speedmaster reissues. But I have been converted. The 2022 luxury fake Omega Speedmaster ’57 is awesome, and I would pick the blue one if I could.

The slightly smaller case, the near-perfect dial, and that stunning Co-Axial caliber 9906… I picked it up, and it all just felt right. You know that feeling, don’t you? A cheap fake watch just resonates with you before you know a single thing about it. I had that feeling with the 2022 version of the 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster ’57.

You do have to bring a cool €9,300 (or CHF 8,300) to your AAA quality replica Omega boutique if you want one. But if that is not an issue, I think you will enjoy it.

Cheap Replica Omega Speedmaster Mark II — The One Mark To Rule Them All

Omega Speedmaster Mark II History
Eventually, perfect replica Omega used the 1969 Speedmaster Mark II case for another Alaska prototype, but that one didn’t make the cut either (read our article on it here). Swiss super clone Omega intended to streamline the case of the Speedmaster and bring it up to the then-modern standards. As you can see, the case shows similarities to the titanium case used for the Alaska Project.

A new case design and two dial variations
By 1969, the 42mm Speedmaster Professional case was already four years old, so luxury replica Omega thought there would be some room for a new and additional model in the Speedmaster collection. The tonneau-shaped case represents the late 1960s and early 1970s perfectly. It was a much more modern design than the classic lyre-lugged Speedmaster Professional. It’s important to realize that the Speedmaster Mark II was also officially a cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Professional, as printed on the dial.

The dial is very similar to the one on the standard Speedmaster Professional but features the additional “Mark II” text. 1:1 super clone Omega made two versions of the Speedmaster Mark II, one with a standard dial and one with a “Racing” dial. Racing dials were used before, as you can read here, in the Speedmaster pre-Professional and Professional models. There was also the aaa quality fake Omega Speedmaster Mark II Telestop, a watch that could be operated with a (wired) remote control. A noteworthy fact is that all models had the same 145.014 reference number.

The high quality super clone Omega Speedmaster Mark II with “Racing” dial is a bit rarer and, therefore, more sought-after. Both models utilize the famous Lemania-based caliber 861, which is also in the standard Speedmaster Professional reference 145.022. The diameter of the top copy Omega Speedmaster Mark II 145.014 is 41.1mm, slightly less than the 42mm Speedmaster Professional.

However, the Mark II wears quite differently on the wrist due to the tonneau-shaped case. It also doesn’t have a domed Hesalite crystal but a flat mineral crystal with the tachymeter scale underneath. The best fake Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II came on a stainless steel bracelet (reference 1162), but the case also accepts a 20mm strap.

Interestingly, the regular Speedmaster Professional never went out of the collection (perhaps one of the best decisions ever, as it’s still there today). Instead, Omega replica for sale offered the Speedmaster Mark II alongside the regular Moonwatch.

UK Luxury Replica OMEGA Speedmaster Moonwatch Anniversary Series Apollo XI 30th Anniversary Chronograph Limited Edition

Introduced in 1999 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, this 9,999-piece limited edition is at its core a revival of the classic 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch worn by the Apollo 11 crew. With a vintage-derived style, the watch notably includes a deep black dial with white accents, a combination of 30-minute, 12-hour, and small seconds sub-dials, a closed caseback, and a 42mm case in stainless steel with matching bracelet.

While on the dial side the super clone Omega watches uk eschews any obvious homages marking the anniversary, it does so subtly via its faithful design in addition to the use of an aluminum bezel insert and hesalite crystal.

While a classic Moonwatch on the front, flipping the perfect super clone Omega Speedmaster 3560.50.00 over unveils its commemorative and numbered caseback celebrating the historic mission.

Here, Neil Armstrong’s famous lunar quote is radially engraved, “HELLO HOUSTON, TRANQUILITY BASED HERE, THE EAGLE HAS LANDED,” in addition to the landing time, date, and the Apollo 11 patch in place of the AAA super clone Omega Speedmaster‘s traditional seahorse motif. These commemorative details, in addition to the high end copy watch’s otherwise historically faithful execution, indicate the reference as part of the anniversary launch, which when glanced at as a whole is nothing short of a fitting celebration, indeed.